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Highlights of Shutterfly

Getting Your Photos Online

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Shutterfly Online Photos Review

How to do Everything on Shutterfly

Getting Your Photos Online

  • Mailing Your Film to Shutterfly
  • Mailing a CD of Photos to Shutterfly
  • Web Browser Upload
  • Picture Upload Assistant
  • Shutterfly Express Software

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How to do Everything on Shutterfly

Highlights of Shutterfly

Easy to join

15 free prints for new members

Print photos and mail them to family and friends

Add personal messages to the back of each regular-size print

Add digital photos to cards, gifts, and calendars

  • Prints
  • Greeting Cards
  • 4×8 Cards
  • Note Cards
  • Hardcover Photo Books
  • Mugs
  • Calendars
  • Snapbooks
  • Aprons
  • Mouse Pads
  • Magnets
  • T-Shirts
  • Coasters
  • Tote Bags

Share and Edit Digital Photos Online

  • Free unlimited secure photo storage
  • Store, edit & share photos online
  • Use photo albums, keywords to organize your photos
  • Free software to upload and edit photos

Coupon Codes

New member special offer:
Get 15 free prints, plus buy 1 Photo Calendar, get the second at 50% Off.
(Expires 11/25/06)

Save 15% on professional-quality prints! Use Coupon Code: AFF1-SAVE (Expires 1-31-06)

Free 16" x 20" print! Use Coupon Code: A00P-RINT (Unknown expiration)

Getting Your Photos Online

Shutterfly was easy to join. The site logged me in after a short form, and took me to the Add Photos page. There are a few options for adding your photos depending on where you have them- film, computer, or cds, and how you'd like to send them - mail, at their website, from within your web browser or using their free software. They're all pretty easy, and I discuss each one in detail below.

Mailing your film to Shutterfly

If you have 35mm or APS film rolls or single-use cameras, you can send them to Shutterfly using their postage-paid film mailers. They will develop your film, mail you the negatives, and put your photos online, for $3.99. You can order prints at any time. To order the mailers, log-in to your account and click the Add Photos tab at the top of the screen. On the right-hand side, there's a text link for Order Film Mailers. On the next page, fill out the form to order them. They also have deals on prints packages, too.

Mailing a CD of photos to Shutterfly

Shutterfly will upload an entire cd of photos to your account free! Great if you have a lot of photos on your hard drive. The service is free - you pay postage to mail the cd. It takes a few days, and they do not return the cd. Be sure to keep copies on your hard drive or another cd. Shutterfly provides all the info on how to send your cd. After you log-in to Shutterfly, chose the Add Photos tab at the top. In the right-hand side, click the link for Mail in a CD.

Web Browser Upload

From your web browser, either Internet Explorer or Firefox, you can upload images one at a time. Click on the Add Photos tab, and, choose or create an album. An album is a handy way to organize your photos. It is simply a group of photos. I like to create albums by date - Fall 2005, 1980's, or by theme - graduation, wedding.

After creating or choosing an existing album, click Next in the upper right hand side of the page. On the following page, there will be spaces for 10 photos. Click Browse next to each space to pick a photo to upload. The photos must be in jpeg format. They usually have a .jpeg or .jpg at the end of the name.

Typically, your photos are located in My Documents in the My Pictures folder. Browse to the folder and pick each photo. While you are browsing for a photo, you can change the way they are displayed. I like to see them in thumbnail mode to make it easier to get the right ones.

While you are in the File Upload box, click the little down arrow and choose Thumbnails. See this image -- CLICK HERE-- shows you where to find this option.
Shutterfly Upload Photos

Voila - instead of file names, you will have small images showing your photos.
Shutterfly Upload Photos

After you've selected your photos in each space, click Add Now. Shutterfly will transfer the files. The speed depends on how you are connected to the Internet. I uploaded 8 photos in just a few minutes.

This option is quick and easy, but best for just a few photos at one time. If you have many photos on your computer, try the browser plug-in or software. Each has more options and can do many photos at once.

Web Browser Plug-ins

The Picture Upload Assistant works with your browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Firefox. When I visited Shutterfly with Internet Explorer, it was simple. After I logged in, I clicked the Add Photos tab. The Picture Upload Assistant installed automatically. There are 2 methods to add photos - drag and drop & browsing for files.

First, if you have a folder open on your computer that contains photos, drag and drop them onto the area with Shutterfly circles on it. It is in the middle of the page. If you use your Shift or Control buttons on your keyboard along with your mouse, you can select many photos at once.

Otherwise, click the Choose Pictures button. It will open up a box to browse your computer. You can select your photos by clicking on them. Near the bottom, there are links to select All or None. Very handy.

In the Firefox browser, I found the Upload Assistant when I went to add pictures. On the page that has space for 10 images, there's a link in the right-hand side, "Get the Picture Upload Assistant." On the next page, the download started automatically. I saved it to my computer. There are install directions on the download page. Close Firefox and double-click the file you just downloaded.

It will open an install program. Follow along and click the Next button a few times. Once done, it opened Firefox again. There's a link in the page to go back to Shutterfly. I signed in and returned to Add Photo. The new plug-in works just the same as in Internet Explorer, where you can add multiple photos by drag and drop or by selecting them.

Here's a tip - If you'd like to get back to the beginning at Shutterfly, click the link for My Shutterfly near the top of the page. It has all of your albums and everything else in one easy-to-find area.

Shutterfly Express Software

Shutterfly offers free software that does alot:

  • Copy photos from your digital camera
  • Review and edit your photos - crop, red-eye reduction, etc.
  • Upload your photos to albums to share online
  • Order prints from within the software

The free software is available from almost any page at Shutterfly. At the bottom of the page, there's a link to Free Software. I also saw a link on the right side of the page while in Add Photos. Follow the directions on the page to download and install the software.

Shutterfly Express can be set to automatically open open jpeg photos and open the software when you plug your camera into your computer. During installation, make sure the boxes for those options are checked.

After installing, the program opened up automatically and showed a great quick-start guide. I recommend going through these opening screens to learn all that the software can do with your photos.

The software is great, and has lots of options. You can edit your photos and fix them. Then you can upload them to Shutterfly or even create a screensaver. Fun!
Shutterfly Express Software


Next, we'll organize our photos, fix 'em up and add effects. Ready?

Go to View & Enhance Photos and Share Photos Online or skip to Max's Album or Prints & Gifts

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