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Kid Scoop Choice Website Award
July 26, 2009

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The Young Person's Guide To The Internet: An Essential Website Reference Book For Young People, Parents, And Teachers The Young Person's Guide To The Internet: An Essential Website Reference Book For Young People, Parents, And Teachers

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AllCrafts offers free patterns and machine information. If you have an antique machine, this is the place to go with your questions. Find recommended sewing supplies, books, magazines, websites, techniques and tips for dealing with tricky fabrics like silk.
Web Picks August 2005

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For more information about Valentine's Day and Valentine cards, check out the following organizations or websites: AllCrafts Valentines Day

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"AllCrafts supplies pages and pages of craft ideas -- all at your fingertips. You can keep the kids entertained and the house looking pretty with all the ideas you find on this craft site."
From Call for Help TV program "Web Tip: Crafts for Kids"

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"Hundreds of free projects, with links to craft book sites and other sites with lists of materials and step-by-step instructions."
From Best of the Web, USA Weekend, online and print edition.

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Family-Friendly Web Pick - www.AllCrafts.net
Many so-called experts claim that the Internet will replace hobbies and crafts for generations to come. By what we've seen, the Internet will only make those hobbies much more fun. A classic example is the web site www.allcrafts.net. AllCrafts.net offers information on all of the crafts you can imagine from Quilting to Jewelry, Halloween Costumes to Rubber Stamps. Each page includes links to sites specific to that craft, book reviews and trade magazine information, and free projects to do at home. And if that isn't enough, you can subscribe to get free updates regularly by email. Whatever your craft might be, it will only be better after a visit to www.allcrafts.net.

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"This comprehensive site is a crafter's dream come true. Along with hundreds of crafting ideas in dozens of categories, there are reviews of craft kits, links to crafts magazines and suppliers, and a handy search engine that makes it easy to search for your favorite activity"
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