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Dazzling Bead & Wire Crafts Dazzling Bead & Wire Crafts
By Mickey Baskett

Great book for intermediate to advanced beaders and adventurous beginners.

Dazzling Bead & Wire Crafts is a book full of creative and different bead & wire projects. More than 50 projects cover the range from demure jewelry to purses to home accessories and gifts.

Many crafts books begin with a techniques section. There are many technques in this book, but they are part of the projects. Most of the projects contain an unusual idea or application that can be applied to other projects. The introduction is brief. The supplies section discusses and illustrates several non-traditional types of wire - armature wire, solder wire, buss wire, aluminum wire, and more. After a short section on tools, the projects begin. And the projects are exactly why you will like this book. They're fascinating.

Let's dive into some of my favorite projects in this book! A delicate pearl and wire choker uses pink colored wire to tremendous effect. A necklace for grandma uses scrapbooking supplies to frame photos of the grandchildren. Small jump rings are added to the frames to string them.

Polymer clay is used in several projects. In the Beads & Charms necklace, polymer clay is stamped with words inside bead charms and strung onto a necklace with wire wrapped beads. Polymer clay is used on an elegant headband. The clay is stamped and twisted head pins are inserted into each medallion. Polymer clay is also used in a few designs to create pendants.

Another unique element in these jewelry designs is the trendy bottle caps. In the Beaded Palms earrings, the edges of the bottle cap are punched and strung with seed beads.

In wirework, a homemade or store-bought jig can be used. Pegs are arranged so that you can bend and wrap the wire into intricate designs. This is used in one example to make a delicate wire twist bracelet. Between the wirework, pastel beads are wrapped in wire and seed beads. It's subtle but stunning. Another necklace design uses the jig to create delicate filigree.

Polymer clay and beads are used in a few projects to create unique purses. One is stitched from leather and others are made from various boxes.

The second section of the book contains projects for the home. The projects are varied and interesting:

-placemat trim
-glass charms
-hanging vase
-bell pull
-sushi set
-cocktail skewers
-key ring dangle
-ceiling fan pull
-decorated tins and boxes
-fish bowl trim
-bead mosaics

There are more projects than I've listed, but these are some of the most diverse group of beadwork ideas that I've seen in awhile. With these ideas, you can use your beadwork skills to create gifts beyond necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

All of the projects have full page color photos. Many have patterns and diagrams, too. The table of contents and index are useful in finding projects quickly. Overall, this is an excellent book for those who like beads and wirework and are looking to expand their skills and ideas.

Dazzling Bead & Wire Crafts

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