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Free Quilting Patterns as a Wedding Guest Book

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Quilt Blocks as a Guest Book
Instead of a traditional guest book, I decided to do something different. One idea was to frame a picture of the happy couple and ask everyone to sign the picture frame mat. Since I love quilting, I decided instead to create a wedding quilt.

I designed a quilt in Electric Quilt. Would you like to download the Electric Quilt file?

I started my quilt with the traditional autograph quilt blocks. These types of blocks are designed for one signature per block. Even though we only had 30-40 couples, that would be rather large for a wall hanging. So I kept hunting through the block libraries. I experimented with several blocks, trying to find one that would have multiple patches that were large enough to autograph. The block I chose is called 'High Flying Squares'

Four signatures will be on each block. In the end, I have enough signatures for exactly 8 blocks. My new husband and I will each sign a piece for the center and I will put the date and location or something romantic on the remaining 2 pieces. This worked out well, but you may have to be flexible in your final layout. If necessary, add plain blocks or other more complex pieced blocks. Using Electric Quilt, you can make as many layouts and changes as you like.

Electric Quilt provides the yardages and templates for any quilt you design, so I purchased a nice muslin and cut them to size, using a rotary cutter and mat. To keep my guests from writing in the quarter-inch seam allowance, I machine-basted around all edges on each block at the quarter inch. With so much else to do, I decided to wait until after the wedding to purchase the remaining fabric.

The pieces and one fabric marker were placed in a manila envelope (6.5" x 9"). I created an instruction sheet in Microsoft Publisher, cut them to fit and glued them on with rubber cement. Since I put the exact number of pieces per table (+ 1 extra) in each envelope, I placed a label with the table number on the back. I purchased a rubber stamp to further decorate the plain manila envelope, but didn't use it. These envelopes also come in white, but I couldn't find white ones in this size.

I had extra pieces and 1 extra fabric marker. I entrusted these in an manila envelope to my aunt, just in case anyone needed them. My father-in-law signed the piece when my mother-in-law was not at the table and he signed only their names, so she wants to redo their piece!

High Flying Wedding Autograph Quilt

Everyone participated and seemed to really like the unusual guest book. I was asked by someone if I was going to send out a picture of the completed quilt to everyone. I replied that I would post it on the Internet instead, so stay tuned!

Here's some samples of actual pieces

The Best Man and  his girlfriend
Our Ring Bearer
Groom's sister (a bridesmaid) and her husband
Dad, StepMom, and StepBrother
very cute - Groom's Aunt and Uncle
lovely - Bride's Mom's Friends
Ha ha! Groom's sister (a bridesmaid) and her husband (an usher)
most original - Groom's Mom's Friends
I'll post the finished quilt as soon as it's done!
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