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7" Safety Pin Beaded Christmas Tree

Free Christmas Craft Project from
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  • 102 ea #2 Safety Pins
  • 246 ea 12mm Starflake
  • 180 ea 6mm Faceted - Green
  • 108 ea 10mm Starflake
  • 90 ea 4mm Faceted - Green
  • 22 ea 6mm Faceted - Yellow
  • 22 ea 6mm Faceted - Blue
  • 22 ea 6mm Faceted - Red
  • 1 pc Star Pegged Ornament
  • 2 yd 20g Wire

Tools Needed: Wire Cutters, Glue


  1. Slip one colored 6mm bead, two 10mm starflakes and four 12mm starflakes onto a pin. Make 24 pins: eight red, eight yellow, and eight blue (fig.#1). Close each pin as you go through this step and each of the following steps.

  2. Slip four 12mm starflakes, two 10mm starflakes and one colored 6mm bead onto the pin. Make 30 pins: ten red, ten yellow, and ten blue (fig.#2).

  3. Slip one colored 6mm bead and three 6mm green beads onto the pin. Make 12 pins: four red, four yellow, and four blue (fig.#3).

  4. Slip all green beads onto the pins in this order: one 12mm starflake, one 6mm round, one 12mm starflake, one 6mm round, and one 12mm starflake. Make 6 sets alike (fig.#4).

  5. Slip all green beads onto the pins in this order: one 6mm round, one starflake, one round, one starflake, one round. Make six sets alike (fig.#5).

  6. Reserve 24 closed pins. These will be used on the bottom of the tree (see diagram between the 18" wire and the 10" wire, the last row is the base of the tree).

To Assemble The Tree:
(start at the top and work down)

  1. Cut the wire in the following lengths: one 3" piece, one 6" piece, two 10" pieces, one 15" piece, one 18" piece and one 9" piece. Make a loop at one end of each wire this will keep the beads and pins from falling off.

  2. Slip the pins and beads on the wire following the diagram.

  3. After each row is added, join in a circle by twisting the ends of the wire together very tightly. Trim off the ends about 1/4" from beads. Bend twist in toward the center .The diagram is shown with all rows as if they were flat. Remember to always join in a circle after each row.
    When the tree is completed insert ordinary mini tree lights into the cavity of the tree. A strand of ten to twenty five lights works best.


Click for larger image
Click image above for larger view.


Figures 4-6


Figures 4-6

Free Christmas Craft Project from
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